Monday, December 8, 2008

Dad's proposition

I'm currently working with Accenture.It's a BIG and prestigious IT company here in the Philippines however my Dad is bugging me to look for better opportunities abroad. A while ago i was running through my stuffs and found these old photos.i asked myself. how can i go somewhere else when my neighborhood is full of beautiful things?.

Mt. Apo: The tallest mountain in the phillipines

definitely higher than the clouds.


Lake Venado

The Peak from our camp site

Sight of the peak from afar

Great friends

and my Beautiful Girlfriend


Jerla Oh lalala said...

sure... check out my other blog this is created to help new bloggers just check my august archive you can see everything there and done hesitate to leave comments or questions i'll be more than happy to assists you.

maris and chin2 said...

HEFUS PATAY.HAHAHAH! great friends.hahahaha
visit ni soji