Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Manny for president

VOTE Manny for president

Will you vote for this guy as a president?

if yes, please watch the video here

my answer is NO... no offense Manny. I know your patriotic and all but my admiration for you is only at a boxer level.

Leave your comment.


goddeed said...

hahahaha this is to much!..he never wins for running congressman , how much more for president, I'm sorry Manny but that is to much! thx pls visit my blog and leave me a comment hehehe.

Umma said...

Of course a big hell NO!! Manny is only good for boxing thats it, period.

Besides I dont think he needs to get involved with politics bec he already has so much money.. and if he wants to help the common people, he can just donate to deserving institution di ba?

NYoMaN said...

just choose which 1 u trust :D

Mrs. Stevenson said...

Regarding his ability to speak in English, that is easy to learn. We have a lot of politician who are not that perfect the way they speak. I salute him for trying. at least he didn't talk in tagalog or need an interpreter beside him which most of the people who can't talk in English do. About running as a president it is not the right time yet. If he wants to start get in to politics he needs to start below. So he will have the right training and experience. Let us not down people like Manny he gave the Philippines so much pride whether in boxing or just a being a Filipino he proved we don't go back down without a fight. Who knows he maybe the one the Philippines needs. He needs to stay humble and help more deserving people. Yes he have a lot of money now so we can rest assure that he will not just get into politics to corrupt it more like most of the politicians in the Philippines does. He have money to support his projects and help a lot of people. The advice I can give him is to study more in English that is easy to do he can hire someone to teach him. God bless him and thank you for another victory you did for the Philippines. Like I said stay humble.

Joyce G. Emor said...

My opinion is the same with yours. Manny should remain in the sports arena.

Nanaybelen said...

i hope he will not try .