Monday, December 8, 2008

quick test professional vs rational functional tester


Quick test professional is a powerful functional testing tool. it has a very user friendly interface . It's mainly for fast test creation with high maintainability. QTP has also powerful data-driving capability. QTP identifies objects with Unique Smart Object Recognition so even if the objects change because of constant rebuilding, the test will still be as good as when it is first recorded.
language: VBscript



personal experience with the tools:


In our project we use QTP for scheduled/unattended daily health checks. QTP has a functionality that generates a startup script(.vbs)of the test. this is what I use for the scheduled test execution. I set the windows scheduler to open the (.vbs) at a particular time then viola, i now have an unattended test running.
I really like how rational Generates its reports. like QTP, it has an object identification too which uses a complex algorithm so match the closest object he can find in the screen. What i also like about RFT is that you can adjust the threshold for the object identification. what RFT lack in web base functionality, it certainly made up for the standalone functionality.

for those on a budget i think QTP is cheaper. havent look at the prices lately

learning curve:
QTP's learning curve is high because it requires the least amount of programming knowledge however it's less featured rich compared to RFT since the latter uses JAVA/.net

Im a tester and i have used both tools. if your testing a web application, go for the Mercury/hp solution if its a stand alone application then go for RTF.

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