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ufc 92 replay stream

UFC 92 Replay Stream

Quinton Jackson vs Wanderlei Silva 3 Video- UFC 92


Cheick Kongo vs Mustafa Al-Turk Video- UFC 92



CB Dollaway vs Mike Massenzio Video- UFC 92


Matt Hamill vs Reese Andy Video- UFC 92


Antoni Hardonk vs Mike Wessel Video- UFC 92

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Frank Mir

Forrest Griffin vs Rashad Evans


Sopcast Link: sop://

Will it be another easy win for Wander Silva or will Quinton Jackson redeem himself from the 2 loses he suffered from Silva?

Forrest Griffin has heart but will that be enough to hold on the the Lightheavyweight title against Rashad Evans

Cheick Kongo vs Mustafa Al Turk
almost all predicted a stoppage in favor of Kongo. they are forgetting that most of Turk's recent fights ended in a TKO in round 1. if Kongo gets caughts, lights for him.betting on Turk

Main Card

Game Contender 1 Contender 2
Light Heavyweight Championship Forrest Griffin Rashad Evans
Interim Heavyweight Championship Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira Frank Mir
Light Heavyweight Quinton Jackson Wanderlei Silva
Middleweight C.B. Dollaway Mike Massenzio
Heavyweight Cheick Kongo Mustafa Al Turk

Preliminary Card

Game Contender 1 Contender 2
Middleweight Yushin Okami Dean Lister
Middleweight Antoni Hardonk Mike Wessel
Light Heavyweight Matt Hamill Reese Andy
Welterweight Brad Blackburn Ryo Chonan
Heavyweight Dan Evensen Patrick Barry

Miley Cyrus scandal....

you have everything and now you blew it...

you have money, fame and kids look up to you. next time stay way from cameras when you feel like being naughty.

are you Felling Lucky Punk?

Visit a sports betting site to test your luck. I am a gambler myself and I really hate gambling sites that does not pay out. I can only name a few that does and is one of them. With my spare money, I usually play poker online or bet them on sports events. What’s nice about sites like is that you don’t have to leave the comforts of your home to enjoy your pastime. offers 3 types of games where you can test your luck .

First is the Sports book Amongst the three, this is my favorite. Sports book is a great way to increase the excitement of a sports event(basketball, boxing etc). Let me tell you about my experience on Sports book. I got too excited on the Manny Pacquiao-Oscar dela Hoya(dream match ) fight that I Lost my voice. I placed my bet on Pacquiao and he was the underdog at the time. Everytime Golden boy Oscar lands a punch on Pacquiao, my body is also jerking. When money is at stake, you will definitely feel like you are the one fighting. The payout was nicest part. My money got tripled because of the fight odds.

Second is the Online Casino: if you enjoy card games and other casino games then this is your home. They have famous games like Pokers, Roulets, black jacks and my all time favorite the Baccarat. It’s my one of my favorites since the odds are almost equal. When you feel that like luck is on your side then this one is for you.

And lastly, also offers horse racing. I haven’t tried the horse racing yet but it sounds interesting. I might give it a try some other time.

Please keep in mind to be a responsible gambler.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008


My dream car

Saturday, December 20, 2008

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

Work-life balance. We can’t be working all the time nor can we be just playing. But how do we fit in rest and recreation in our busy life?

Just like everyone else, I have my busy and stressful days. Month ends, deadlines, bosses. These are a few of the things that pose grave danger to my personal life. So I looked for ways to come up with a “life support”.

Games. Most games go on in levels, etc. But since I am working now, I can’t be too caught up with these never ending games. gave me solution to this problem and that is to play online games. The site has online games ranging from Adventure to Casino. Each lasts only about serveral minutes. You don’t have to worry about having a slow pc since the games available are in flash format which means that you only need a flash browser compatible and an internet connection. If you like a particular game in the site, you can have the option to play the games online or purchase a local copy. You can even send them to friends.

pizza for fight

Don't Forget to grab a pizza before the fight. I'm grabbing one too.



Will Evander make history by becoming the oldest(46 years old) Heavyweight title holder or will he become the punching bag of the 7 foot Russian bear(Nikolay)?

A lot of you might say that the bigger and younger guy will surely win. However we cannot really count out Evander... He was a four-time heavyweight champion; beating tough guys like Mike Tyson, Foreman and Bowe. But the height difference will surely be a problem for him. This fight reminds me of the Pacquiao Vs Dela Hoya fight but with a slight twist. the smaller guy is the more experienced and older.

Best of luck to the gamblers out there.
Nikolai Valuev (49-1, 34KOs)
Evander Holyfield (42-9, 27KOs)

if your wondering where will my bet go...
Holyfield :D

Fight Analysis of some guy in youtube:

streaming Links: (take note of server time). the fight will be aired 4AM in morning GMT+8
3Pm for US and Canada

Part 1
Part 2

humberto SOTO VS Fransico lorenzo

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Klitschko VS Rahman

Klitschko VS Rahman

IBF/WBO/IBO heavyweight world boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko(Left) and challenger Hasim Rahman will go toe to toe today 10Am GMT+8; (10PM on the video embed) 3pm N.Y. (Replay Video below)

Wladimir Klitschko, 244.2lbs

Hasim Rahman, 253lbs:

Betting Odds:

Bookmaker (where i bet)
  • Klitshko (-1200)
  • Rahman (+750)
  • Klitshko (-1200)
  • Rahman (+700)

UnderCards for the Fight



Klitschko wins over Rahman on the 7th round by a TKO. Definitely a one sided match.

Replay vidEO of the fight:

Friday, December 12, 2008

Delivery Numbers

Tired of cooking your own food? too busy to get out of the house in order to buy food? why not have it delivered to your doorstep? if your a bum on weekends just like me, you'll find this list useful. Deliveries are also great when there's a special event like Pacman day (giggles)

List of Restaurant number available:
  • Chef Donatello 6339828 MENU
  • Chowking 702-8888 MENU
  • Di Mark's Pizza 5255354 / 4040683 MENU
  • Dominos Pizza -9222222 MENU
  • Flavours of CHina 8993834 MENU
  • Go Nuts Donuts 7370000 MENU
  • Goldilocks 8881999 MENU
  • Greenwich 55555 MENU
  • Hot shots Makati 813-7358,Muntinlupa 771-1446, Quezon 920-2577,manila 567-2318 MENU
  • Italiannis makati 7280283 , Mandaluyong 6830828, SM meg7232998 alabang 722183 MENU
  • Jollibee 87000 MENU
  • Jugnos Pizza 5313756 / 5340573 MENU
  • Kenny Rogers 5338888 MENU
  • Korean BBQ Express 7293178 MENU
  • Lots A Pizza 8109988 MENU
  • Lutong Macau 8967777 / 8953333
  • Maxs Fried Chicken
  • MCdonalds 8888.500 MENU
  • Juan's mexicali 8951919 MENU
  • North Park 73737 MENU
  • Pancake House 852-4900 MENU
  • pizza hut 9111111 MENU
  • Shakeys 77777 MENU
  • Tapa king 8104662 / 8104660 / 8188272 MENU
  • Tropical Hut 844-6127, 845-1242, 887-6394, MENU
  • Yellow Cab 8181212 MENU

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Manny for president

VOTE Manny for president

Will you vote for this guy as a president?

if yes, please watch the video here

my answer is NO... no offense Manny. I know your patriotic and all but my admiration for you is only at a boxer level.

Leave your comment.

start your day with

AKA 'sxephil'.

He may sound gay but most of what he says make sense.
You can watch more of his videos here
Ei phil,if you can read this, i'm doing you a favor. now you scratch my back. lol

definitely worth watching vids.

today's episode (12102008)

"will generate HITS for food" very true

Very funny yet true. I think most of us can resonate with these computers.

"will generate Hits for food"

got the image here

Where's the Christmas spirit?

I want to see more of these and
LOTS of these during this Xmas season. :)

Emo hairstyle

EMOs: out of tune?

For women


That OUT this in. far out ^^

Monday, December 8, 2008

NOD32 v3 + Anti Spyware

Do you believe in the saying "BEST things are free"? I do... well here's one best thing. a free NOD anti virus Scanner

NOD32 v3 + Anti Spyware

Link for NOD32 Smart Security v.3.0645:
Download here

Link for NOD32 Antivirus v.3.0645:
Download here


kasperksy 7 CRACK/patch

KASPERSKY INternet security 7 &kav 7 PATCH

tired of your old virus scanner that does not work even if the virus is right up its nose? tired of overpriced virus scanners? kaspersky is a great virus scanner, however is very difficult/expensive to get legit keys for it. i have found a patch for the KIS 7 and KAV7.what it does is that it ignores the blacklisted keys while acting like a legit software(updates and everything).

you may need to be a bit techy to make this work
if you are currently running kaspersky, add the link below to your trusted site/exemptions.

quick test professional vs rational functional tester


Quick test professional is a powerful functional testing tool. it has a very user friendly interface . It's mainly for fast test creation with high maintainability. QTP has also powerful data-driving capability. QTP identifies objects with Unique Smart Object Recognition so even if the objects change because of constant rebuilding, the test will still be as good as when it is first recorded.
language: VBscript



personal experience with the tools:


In our project we use QTP for scheduled/unattended daily health checks. QTP has a functionality that generates a startup script(.vbs)of the test. this is what I use for the scheduled test execution. I set the windows scheduler to open the (.vbs) at a particular time then viola, i now have an unattended test running.
I really like how rational Generates its reports. like QTP, it has an object identification too which uses a complex algorithm so match the closest object he can find in the screen. What i also like about RFT is that you can adjust the threshold for the object identification. what RFT lack in web base functionality, it certainly made up for the standalone functionality.

for those on a budget i think QTP is cheaper. havent look at the prices lately

learning curve:
QTP's learning curve is high because it requires the least amount of programming knowledge however it's less featured rich compared to RFT since the latter uses JAVA/.net

Im a tester and i have used both tools. if your testing a web application, go for the Mercury/hp solution if its a stand alone application then go for RTF.

links for demo:


Dad's proposition

I'm currently working with Accenture.It's a BIG and prestigious IT company here in the Philippines however my Dad is bugging me to look for better opportunities abroad. A while ago i was running through my stuffs and found these old photos.i asked myself. how can i go somewhere else when my neighborhood is full of beautiful things?.

Mt. Apo: The tallest mountain in the phillipines

definitely higher than the clouds.


Lake Venado

The Peak from our camp site

Sight of the peak from afar

Great friends

and my Beautiful Girlfriend